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What we do


Using one of our selected technologies we help you to set up a personal blueprint of your talents and competences. We help you not only to identify you talents, but also the potential to develop them further.


We can match you to industries, fields for further education or even specific positions in organizations. Do you already know where you want to go to? We can help you detemine which specific competences you need to develop further to have a good fit later on.

Growth planning

We plan your growth to achieve the maximum working capacity you have. We don’t stop after handing you a report, but help with every barrier during your journey to get you to achieve your goals.

“We are driven to uncover your hidden talents”

We specialize in helping you get the most out of you. We help you to discover what your talents are and how you can get the most out of them, discover the potential to develop them further and make the right choice considering your situation. Using your talents to deliver the best value is something we refer to as your working capacity. How do you discover your talents and competences?

Using one of our selected innovative technologies we help you to gain insight into your working capacity, and use this to its fullest. We look for each person which of our technologies fit the best to their situation to serve you optimally.

About us

We believe current technical and societal developments demands an increasingly pro-active approach from you towards your personal and professional self-development.

The collective responsibility for work is shifting into a more individual work responsibility. Your individual results are becoming increasingly important. What you earn and what you deliver is decisive, regardless if this is as employee, freelancer or entrepreneur. The ultimate challenge is to deliver the maximum value you can in a global competition. Using your talents to deliver the best value is something we refer to as your working capacity. At Workapacity we are collecting as many technologies which can help you get the most out of yourself. We are continuously searching for the most innovative technologies and really take a look behind the scenes, and are not impressed by a nice design, but by an innovative engine.

Workapacity is a label of the HR innovations Group.

HR Innovations Group is striving to bring more innovation into the HR discipline. Together with various partners they focus on research & consulting, spotting and introducing new HR innovations to the market and facilitate HRethink, a thinktank consisting of experts from various fields.


Our team

Menzo de Muinck Keizer

Menzo de Muinck Keizer


I have more than 30 years of experience in HR management- and executive positions in various fields. My ambition? Create a keyposition for HR within the digital transformation.

Lodewijk Val

Lodewijk Val

I have always had a passion for people. After studying psychology I have been working as trainer and coach and started to see the potential of new technologies in the field of HR. My goal is to create more and better chances in the personal development by using new technologies.

Frank Bemelman

Frank Bemelman


I have been involved as entrepreneur in diverse positions within retail, real estate, financial management and consultancy for more than 25 years. My ambition is to find innovative systems that are ready for the new labourmarket.

Daan Manda

Daan Manda

As growth hacker my main focus is to find new paths towards customers and grow our business. I think everyone should get to know the story of Workapacity, as it is relevant for all people no matter their age.




Do you have an interst in HR, but only the newest forms of it?

We are looking for an intern with;

  • Academic education
  • Hands-on mentality
  • High level of self-reliance
  • Willingness to learn
  • Affinity with IT

Interest? Send you CV and motivation letter to allard@workapacity.nl

Allard de Muinck Keizer

Allard de Muinck Keizer

My interest in the development of people started during my work with students and executives of organisations to mutually boost their creativity. Using innovative systems in selecting our teams I started to experience the potential in this field. My ambition? To create a new generation HR systems noone can go around anymore.


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